Video: Watch Tom Cruise Ride a Motorcycle Full Speed Off a Cliff for “Mission: Impossible”

Mr. “I do my own stunts” is back at it again in new footage

Tom Cruise comes off a motobike during the filming of the next Mission Impossible film in Hellesylt, Norway on September 6, 2020
Tom Cruise doing what Tom Cruise does best.
GEIR OLSEN/NTB Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images

After this many years, I thought I’d never be surprised by anything Tom Cruise does. Wanting to fly an F-18 so bad the Navy had to formally deny his request? Seeing Tenet in a movie theater during a pandemic? Renting a cruise ship to use as a hotel for the Mission: Impossible 7 team? That’s just another day in the life of the Cruise-meister. 

But somehow, someway, Mr. “I do my own stunts” always manages to reach another level of adrenaline-fueled insanity, which is the only way I can describe new video that’s surfaced online of Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle full speed off a gargantuan cliffside ramp in Norway.

This absolutely gobsmacking feat has everything: drones, helicopters, parachutes, Tom Cruise putting every other midlife crisis to shame and, of course, a smiling photo-op with artfully tousled hair.

The video on Twitter appears to be taken from NRK, a Norwegian state-owned media outlet. That makes sense, as Cruise has been filming the next Mission: Impossible movie in the country, as The Drive noted. 

If you’re trying to get a better sense of just how preposterous this stunt is, director Christopher McQuarrie — who also helmed the last two films in the series, Rogue Nation and Fallout — shared a vertigo-inducing photo of the jump on Instagram.

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Action… #MI7 Day 1

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For his next feat, Cruise will attempt to single-handedly revive the movie theater industry.

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