Watch Skateboarding Legend ‘Dance’ in 360-Degree Film

Trickster Rodney Mullen also debuts new moves in the video below

If you’ve been on RealClearLife lately, you’ve probably noted that pro skateboarder Tony Hawk still has it. Then there’s fellow great Rodney Mullen, a Titan of trickery, who’s credited with inventing 30-plus popular tricks such as the flatground ollie, ollie impossible, and 360-flip. Below, watch Mullen debut new tricks in this short film by photographer Steven Sebring, who shoots in a 360-degree technique that dates back to 1872. (For more on his studio, click here.) It’s Mullen’s first major release of footage in 12 years. Not familiar with Mullen’s boarding ballet work? At the bottom, watch incredible footage of Mullen at work from a freestyle contest in 1986.


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