Watch the Menacing New Trailer for ‘It’

Pennywise has returned to terrify a new generation.

July 27, 2017 12:59 pm
Pennywise the clown.
Pennywise the clown. (Warner Bros./IMDB)

Stephen King’s child-killing clown is more horrifying than ever in the new full-length trailer for this year’s big screen adaption of It, based on the best-selling, bone-chilling novel of the same name. But don’t expect the scares to remain stagnant — readers will remember 1950’s-era frights like the Wolf Man, The Mummy, Frankenstein and Dracula  — the director of the film, Andrés Muschietti, told Variety that he had a “different approach” in dreaming up new nightmares to terrifying audiences with.

“I wanted to bring out deeper fears, based not only on movie monsters but on childhood traumas,” Muschietti said.

The movie, which is one of two, hits theaters on September 8. While you wait, take a trip back to Derry in the trailer above.

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