Marvel Fans With Money to Burn Can Now Buy Their Very Own Infinity Stones

The first batch of precious gems is being released on November 15

real life infinity stones from marvel and east continental gems
Superpowers not included
East Continental Gems

Superhero fans with deep pockets can now own a replica version of six real life Infinity Stones, the shiny, powerful relics that are prominent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel announced the collectibles during San Diego Comic-Con in July, and the first batch of the “Reality Stones” will be available for purchase on November 15. Red rubies are the star of the first release, and 300 will be available, each priced between $1,500 and $20,000.

Marvel has partnered with East Continental Gems to create the precious stones, and anyone who purchases all six will be able to buy an Infinity Gauntlet glove (no word yet on how much that will cost) to set all of them together. In addition to the ruby red “Reality Stone” from Mozambique, Africa, the other five stones include: Colombian emerald “Time Stone,” Madagascar sapphire “Reality Stone,” Amethyst “Power Stone,” Spessartite “Soul Stone” and yellow diamond “Mind Stone.” According to the release, the six stones combined are bigger than 150 carats with a value that exceeds $25 million. Sadly, even collectors who buy all six will not gain superpowers of any kind. 

“On the heels of our successful reveal of the Infinity Gauntlet, we wanted to provide Marvel fans and collectors the unique opportunity to take a piece of this Marvel treasure home with them,” Paul Gitter, SVP of Marvel Consumer Products, said in the release. “We’re proud to collaborate with East Continental Gems to bring these six, quality Infinity Stones to life.” 

The gems will be priced according to their weight, size and cut, and each one will be certified by American Gemological Laboratories. Acquiring all six stones will certainly be a win for serious collectors. Or you could just buy the PVC version with magnetic glowing gems for a much more reasonable $34.99.

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