Watch this Trailer of a Hand-Painted Film About Vincent van Gogh

First-ever movie using paint as sole medium explores the legendary painter's mysterious death.

August 13, 2017 5:00 am

A biopic seven years in the making hopes to get a deeper look into Vincent van Gogh’s mind and mysterious death using his preferred medium: paint.

Painter Dorota Kobiela and filmmaker Hugh Welchman created Loving Vincent, reports The Huffington Post, which is the first entirely hand-painted feature film ever made.

It was created with the help of 125 artists who transformed 120 of van Gogh’s paintings into 65,000 painted frames based on live action sequences, reports Huffington Post. The 125 artists all applied for the opportunity to work at the film’s studio in Gdansk, Poland.

The film tries to solve a mystery, looking at the painter’s sudden death in 1890. The narrator is based on real-life portrait subject Armand Roulin. He is a pseudo-detective in the movie, as he visits all of van Gogh’s most famous artwork and retraces some of the painter’s steps in the hopes of finding out more information about the artist’s “contested suicide.”

Chris O’Dowd, Saoirse Ronan and Aidan Turner (as van Gogh) are all part of the film, according to IMDB and Huffington Post.

The film never comes to a full conclusion. Instead, Huffington Post writes, it offers a “complicated portrait of a man whose mental health remains a subject of debate to this day.”

The film is set to arrive in theaters September 22.

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