U.K. Distillery Launches Anno Extreme 95, “The World’s Strongest Gin”

It arrives with a beaker and very specific mixing instructions

Anno Distillers Gin
Anno Distillers, founded by two scientists, takes gin to the extreme.
Anno Distillers

Can gin go “extreme”?

That’s the hope of Anno Distillers. The U.K. distillery just announced Anno Extreme 95, the self-proclaimed “world’s strongest gin.” The huge botanical flavor here arrives with a 95% ABV — so, ahem, don’t drink this straight.

Instead, the brand suggests a 5ml measure for a G&T, which they claim will give you 75% less alcohol versus a 50ml measure of a 40% ABV gin. To help you with those measurements, the gin comes in a presentation box with a measuring beaker.

Some notes, via the distillery (which, fun fact, was started by two scientists): A distinctly earthy nose gives way to robust juniper and smooth spices that soften into a fresh bite of citrus with sweet herbal notes, rounded out by a long, dry and complex finish with hints of warm licorice.

As Anno Distillers co-founder Andy Reason explains (via The Spirits Business): “It took a lot of experimentation and expertise, but we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved, without compromising on flavor.”

Certainly an interesting project. But Sarah Miller from the excellently titled gin blog Gin a Ding Ding probably sums it up best in her review, below:

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WORLD’S STRONGEST GIN! [Gifted] Yep, you read that right. And at an eye-watering 95% ABV, it’s not a title @annodistillers are likely to be handing over anytime soon! Inspired by co-founder, and chemist, Dr Andy Reason’s desire to “push the possible”, Anno Extreme 95 Gin is created using “a high degree of rectification and a gentle heat, combined with creative use of steeping and vapour infusion”. I’m no scientist, but my understanding is that probably also means charging the still with only spirit and no water. As you’d expect, the nose is (initially at least) enough to blow your own off! The liquid is incredibly botanically rich and oily and the alcohol almost evaporates as soon as you put it to your lips. But as your palate adjusts, and you cut it down to a more reasonable drinking strength, it definitely opens up with juniper, spice and liquorice. In fact, it’s surprisingly classic when you get past the ABV and makes a fairly traditional G&T in the recommended serve of either 5 or 25ml to 120ml tonic. Personally, I found this fascinating to taste but I’m not sure I see the point of it. Generously, I’d say it sits firmly on the fence between geekery and gimmickry. Less generously, and despite the good intentions of lower ABV suggested serves, it’s hard not to fear there’s something irresponsible in even bringing this to market. But with weeks of lockdown ahead, and Christmas on the horizon, I suspect Extreme 95 and its cute little beaker will fly off the shelves. Just please do drink responsibly. #EXTREME95

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