This Modular Furniture Line loves to play hide-and-seek

Olly olly oxen free! Meet the Boxetti collection.

By The Editors
February 22, 2016 9:00 am

Your home, like you, should be in a constant state of evolution.

Because stagnant homesteads usually indicate stagnant selfhood, and that’s no way live.

Designer Rolands Landsbergs of Boxetti understands this. The Latvia-based design guru has created a line of space-saving furniture that can accommodate all kinds of living quarters.

Each item in the minimalist collection — which consists of five separate units — can transform from a functional home furnishing into a plain, white box or block, essentially hiding the furniture in plain sight.

The Boxetti Private comes with a foldable double bed, nightstand and six-section wardrobe that can be inserted back into the box from whence they came after use. The bed — which is automatically lifted via remote control — comes with a spotlight and an ambience lighting fixture above the headboard.

Also on offer: kitchen, workspace and entertainment modules that are all handmade and will ensure your space is constantly evolving.

Says Boxetti: “The capability of the modules to be transformed into compactly solid blocks is essential for the design concept in order to obtain an unobstructed and comfortable space – free of uselessness.”

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