And Just Like That, A Bigger Apartment

The DIY Microloft: “It’s easier than moving”

By The Editors
October 16, 2015 9:00 am

Looking for an office nook with a view of your sofa?

Because that’s a pleasure now available to anyone with a bit of cash and some elbow grease.

Direct your attention to Spanish prefab designers Tecrostar and their DIY mini-lofts: premade, elevated structures ranging from 30 square feet of floor space (big enough for a bed) to 300 (big enough to house your new startup staff). Which makes said “microlofts” larger than some actual Manhattan apartments.

The height is adjustable (from around 5 ½ feet to just over 9) and each unit comes ready for at-home installation. Slightly more stressful than your average IKEA bookshelf, since if you screw it up, you will tumble to the ground from approximately head height.

The largest Tecrostar will set you back around $3,600. Stairs and railing kits additional, unless you’re installing a rope ladder. It ain’t cheap, but hey: you basically have two apartments now.

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