Only 30 ‘Superhouses’ Will Be Built, Which Is a Little Heartbreaking

You've heard of bespoke suits? Well these are bespoke mansions

February 23, 2017 9:00 am

Inspired by his time working with a naval architect who designs superyachts, architect Magnus Ström of Ström Architects has planned a series of 30 limited-edition bespoke luxury residences around the world for the super-rich.

The project is named Superhouse, and like fine pieces of art, each home will feature its engraved numbered edition. The homes will be entirely bespoke and dependent on the client’s lifestyle and interests. Do they need their yacht in sight at all times? Prefer skiing right up to their front door? Demand that a trio of kangaroos in full mariachi garb greet them every time they cross the threshold of the driveway? No request is too large or too small. 

Superhouse (5 images)

Seen here is the first of the designs titled “S 00/30” (Editor’s note: In zero-based numbering this would actually suggest an edition of 31. *Pushes glasses back up nose*). The plans include staff quarters, a private gym and spa, and a 50 meter infinity pool overlooking a private beach (where presumably a yacht will be docked).

Superhouse 2 (8 images)

That’s all great, but by far the most striking feature of the home is the central spiral staircase that leads up from the open-air living room to the home’s interior. Especially when viewed from outside against the its massive opaque facade, a commoner such as myself can’t help but imagine a beautiful superhuman wearing their vicuña bathrobe and socks descending the steps while speaking 11 languages at once to their designer dog, a dog who only drinks the water of melting polar icebergs and sleeps on this $16,000 comforter.

At least I’m rich in imagination.

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