Shape-Shifting Apartment Fits Luxury Amenities Into Just 309 Square Feet

August 11, 2016 5:00 am


As smart home technology continues to proliferate, the ways in which it can be adapted to control our homes also continue to expand–or shrink in some cases. By now, you’ve likely seen utilities and appliances controlled remotely from a phone or at home with the touch of a screen. But what about furniture? With some unique applications of robotics, companies such as Ori are developing sofas, dressers, and beds that disappear and re-appear with a simple command (which can be given by voice, touch, and even gesture). Developed in conjunction with MIT, the Ori furniture (available in 2017) allows users to maximize their space by rearranging their home easily and quickly.

Of course, this can currently done with technology currently on the market, just in a more piecemeal way. In fact, that’s exactly what LAAB architects did when they were hired to desire a 309-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong’s pricey Central district. Hoping ingenuity could compensate for a lack of additional space, a Hong Kong couple gave the architecture firm over 30 specifications for the apartment’s design, including customizations for their three cats.

As a result, no room or surface serves just one purpose. The bathroom is a perfect example of this, since it can transform four different ways: traditional bathroom with bathtub, separate bathtub and guest shower, elevated second-tier seating for home cinema, and guest bedroom. The spaces still aren’t exactly roomy but it’s remarkable what LAAB architects accomplished with their innovative design. In the end, the modular home is a truly modern apartment in decor and technology. See the rooms transform in the video below.

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