Sculpture Artist Casey Curran Makes Metal Plants Blossom with Movement

April 13, 2017 5:00 am
(casey curran via Vimeo)
(casey curran via Vimeo)


Casey Curran’s art has a life of its own. The kinetic sculptures may be made of metal, but they depict organisms that flutter with movement through a hand crank or a motor.

The latest work from the Seattle-based artist, “Bequeath these Seeds,” was featured in the Bellevue Arts Museum’s biennial show, “Metalmorphosis”.


Curran initially drew his inspiration from Alexander Calder, the inventor of the mobile, but now his influences seem to come from daily life, the Huffington Post reports.


Despite the spellbinding allure of Curran’s brass art pieces, there’s no deception involved in his kinetic sculptures. According to In the Make, the artist tries his “very best to try and remove all the magic from each of [his] pieces.”

That allows viewers to appreciate “every lever, each pulley, and all the little interactions of the various pieces that create the final motion of the work,” he told the art blog.

See more of Curran’s work below.



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