This Mobile Man Cave Is Our Perfect Getaway

Golf and shoot hoops from the comfort of home

August 9, 2016 9:00 am

There’s only one big problem with man caves. Except in rare cases, they aren’t mobile. You know, due to that whole cave thing.

They also don’t generally include basketball hoops, putting greens, or 500-watt solar panels.

The newest custom design from Upper Valley Tiny Homes is not your father’s man cave.

Equipped for full-time living off the grid, the Man Cave Tiny House is built on a double-axle trailer that can go pretty much anywhere a tow job can take it. The exterior of the home has a built-in basketball hoop and dartboard, and the roof is divided into two sections, one made for catching some rays on a deck and the other covered with solar panels to soak up sun.

A garage door on the side of the home opens up so a dirt bike can be stowed inside via a removable ramp, and there’s also an area behind a set of storage doors that houses a slide-out grill and washing machine.

The interior of the home — which was built as part of a promotional trip and only used for a week  — includes a miniature putting green, minimalist kitchen, gun racks, a pair of beds and an additional lofted sleeping area.

On Facebook, Upper Valley says the home is valued at $33,500 but they’re consider9ing offers.

Make ’em one they can’t refuse.

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