Best Way to Make a Tiny House Less Tiny? Double-Wide That Sh*t.

Hey, that's cheating

September 21, 2017 9:00 am

As Americans, we can’t help but make small things bigger. It’s in our DNA, part of the pledge new citizens make: Whatever was small, I will now super-size. 

To wit: the tiny house. The tiny living movement was born, no surprise here, in Europe, where population densities are, shall we say, different. (Population density of Colorado: 41.5 people per square mile. Of the United Kingdom: 702, and that includes all those massive, empty stretches in the North and Scotland.)

So it’s probably no accident that a U.S. firm called Viva Collectiv has pitched this reworking of the tiny ethos: to get bigger, by connecting two tiny homes with a sunroom. One side has a master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom; the other has the kids’ space and living room.

True, it’s a pretty great-looking solution, and it’s a smart direction to take if your family has more than two people in it (or guests, ever). But of course we’d say that: we’re American, too. 

For what it’s worth, Viva has made imaginative reworkings of tiny homes into a literal cottage industry. (Har.) For evidence, see this project, which made an Arkansas tiny home into a tiny home/music speaker.

We hear that innovation is a pretty American quality, too. 

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