Someone Order a Gold-Plated Crystal Ping-Pong Table?

Looks like frat dues are going up next year

January 29, 2018 9:00 am

If you want to develop a golden touch on the ping-pong table, try training with this robot.

Or just purchase the gold-plated Lungolinea Ping-Pong table from Milan-based Impatia.

Featuring connecting joints and net posts that are individually plated with 24-karat gold by an Italian goldsmith, the playing surface and legs of the table are crafted from translucent crystal. Tipping the scales at about 550 pounds, the gold-plated Lungolinea looks like a work of art, but its manufacturers are adamant it can take a pounding just like the table in your old rec room.

“Lungolinea is a vision, a desire to ambitiously reinterpret the classics: unchanged for centuries, the Ping-Pong table relishes new life and discovers a new essence made of pure crystal and infinite light,” Impatia says. “Lungolinea is a refined object, a sublime witness of the advanced.”

To find out how many lira the table will run ya, fire up Google translate and contact Impatia.

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