The Tiny-Home Masters Now Offer a DIY A-Frame Cabin

It’s nearly 1600 square feet, and you can build it in weeks

The vacation home of the '60s, reimagined for the tiny home crowd (Photos: Everywhere Travel Co.)

Put your tiny-home dreams away. We’ve got bigger plans for you, in the form of a cabin in the woods and/or retirement property.

AYFRAYM, new from the transportable tiny-home company Everywhere Travel Co., is a permanent 1,574-square-foot A-Frame cabin you can build pretty much anywhere on your property.

Inspired by a 1960s vacation home, it’s a spacious yet cozy cabin that’ll sleep up to eight and offers multiple walk-out cedar decks, large custom windows and beautiful vaulted ceilings.


To get started, you order a planning box from Everywhere, which features printed and digital construction plans, a hammer, hat, mug and assorted reading materials (timber framing plan, materials schedule, etc.) to get you or a contractor started. That’s $2,000.

To actually build your AYFRAYM, it’ll ultimately cost around $250-275K … if you let the Everywhere team manage the build (their site helpfully offers a map to estimate the cost in different states).


If you want to save money or customize the property, you can either hire your own contractors or go DIY  — but the building will obviously take several weeks longer to build and you won’t have access to the company’s promotion or reselling programs.

Permanent housing is a new aspect to a brand that built its reputation on tiny homes on wheels, which range from the multiple variations of the 220-square-foot Wander to the 450-square-foot Haven. You can find those mobile variations here.

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