Estate of Play: Summer Homes

Six NY vacation homes for maximizing your summer weekends

March 28, 2017 9:00 am

This is Estate of Play, a monthly rundown (with pictures!) of some of the most over-the-top properties currently available in or about this fair(ish) city.

The best way to appreciate the relentless beast that is NYC?

Leave it. And then come back, of course. With summer on the near horizon, that’s just what we’ve got in mind.

Today, we round up six very desirable escapes for sale within a stone’s throw of the city, a sunset-friendly beach house and revamped barn among them.

The Beach House
Montauk, NY
You don’t have to visit the beach when you live at the beach. A whisper away from the sand, this one is an entertaining haven complete with massive waterfront deck, a stone fireplace and an outdoor shower to keep the beach, well, on the beach.

The Recluse
Cooperstown, NY
Don’t fret the beyond-expansive windows — this number is situated on 21.5 acres of private land. With a fireplace, rec room, soaking tub with jets and 17-person movie theater, there’s simply no reason to leave.

The Modern Rustic
Roxbury, NY
So you want to go to the “country,” but you don’t want to live like it. How about three stories of dramatic design with detailed contemporary finishes? This place is perfect. Plus, there’s a darlin’ little pond quite literally a stone’s throw away.

The Artist’s Barn
Andes, NY
Ever bit as cool as it sounds. The antebellum barn has been converted into three-bedroom home with over 40-feet of exposed roof beams, an indoor/outdoor dining area and nearby swimming pond.

The Lake House
Andes, NY
A true blue cabin feel for the summer sportsman. Two fireplaces, a revamped kitchen and outdoor BBQ pit are fine and well, but the gratuitous dock will fulfill any and all fishing and boating dreams.

The Easy
Montauk, NY
Big enough, but no more than you need. It’s a three-bedroom up-to-date condo with a wood stove and terrace. While you’ll have neighbors, the destination is surrounded by a nature preserve for maximum Ma’ Earth-gazing and chill. Nearby there’s tennis, golf and Ditch Plains beach. Everything the weekend requires.


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