Safes So Swagged Out They Should Be Kept in a Safe

German maker of $300k lockboxes is going economy

By The Editors
April 20, 2016 9:00 am

A Germany-based company that has made crafting luxury safes for one percenters its butterbrot for the last 97 years is finally offering up some high-end stash boxes 99 percenters can afford.


Based out of Sindelfingen — the same region that’s home to Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Porsche — Döttling is a fourth-generation firm that manufactures an array of bespoke safes with names like “Grandcircle,” “Fortress” and “Guardian.”


While the company is still selling its priciest models (including a $313k, limited edition, “puristic room installation” called the Narcissus that was dreamed up by Karl Lagerfeld), it has introduced  a new line of safes that offer “maximum security at an affordable price.”


The fire-resistant safes in Döttling’s FocusLine employ modular construction, are lined with Alcantara and can be equipped to store documents, jewelry or watches, as well as outfitted with chrome, gold or ruthenium-plated keypads. Designed for the “budget-conscious connoisseur,” FocusLine safes come in three sizes and are fully customizable.

You can get one for around $10k — provided you have something worthy of such swank storage.

Here’s a few we love from their other lines:





All images via Döttling

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