This Is What Living Like a Caveman Looks Like in 2017

Hope you got a big cave, because we're putting a house in it

January 11, 2017 9:00 am

We’re not sure it would pass inspection by engineers working within the Ring of Fire, but  in the foothills of the Spanish Sierra Morena mountains outside of Córdoba, at least, this sepulchral home is a head-turner. The designers (from Ummo Estudio) built the rural cave house into a hollow that was historically used as shelter by livestock watchmen, rehabilitating a dilapidated structure into a liveable space. The rock walls are accented with sturdy, modern stone floors and glass openings that allow plenty of natural light to enter, so despite being a literal cave, it doesn’t feel like one.

Cuevas del Pino House (9 images)

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