Cutting-Edge Furniture Made from Blood Bags Mimics Flow in Human Circulatory System

March 28, 2017 5:00 am
(Dezeen via YouTube)
(Dezeen via YouTube)


This furniture will certainly get the blood flowing.

Hyun-Gi Kim gave some life to furniture design when he came up this two-person seat that pumps fake blood towards the other seat when someone sits down on one end, Dezeen reports.

The Red Series 001 Breath chair is made of blood bags connected by vein-like tubes in the middle. The seat sinks under the weight of someone sitting down, deflating the blood bags to reveal the steel frame underneath (see video below).


Kim, a Korean designer, wanted to use real blood, but the amount required to fill the chair presented limitations, according to Dezeen. So, he used fake blood instead.

“There is a metaphorical meaning in this work,” he told Dezeen. “There must be a lot of blood in order for this creature to live a life.”

It’s clearly inspired by human physiology, with Kim particularly citing the muscular and circulatory system as his references.


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