$340 Million Home Prepares to Enter the Housing Market

This Bel Air mansion has been dubbed "The One"

Bel Air
Travel to Bel Air and you're likely to find the world's most expensive home.
Diego Delso/Creative Commons

The area around Los Angeles — especially Bel Air — is the site of a number of architecturally sophisticated high-end homes. But there are high-end homes and there are high-end homes — and the fact that one place is nicknamed “The One” might help illustrate just where on the spectrum from “very expensive” to “very very expensive” it can be found.

Writing at Architectural Digest, Karine Monié has more details on this sprawling home — as well as an explanation of why we’re unlikely to see anything like it on the market again. Monié writes that the house has a moat on three sides of it, as well as a track for jogging. As for the amenities, well, Monié has that covered as well: “42 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, a 5,500-square-foot master suite, a 30-car garage gallery with two car-display turntables, a four-lane bowling alley, a spa level, a 30-seat movie theater” — plus 5 swimming pools and a “philanthropy wing.”

The process of building the house took eight years and involved the labor of 600 workers. Developer and owner Nile Niami led the effort to build the space, with architect Paul McClean and interior designer Kathryn Rotondi responsible for The One’s distinctive look.

The One isn’t just singular due to its scale and price tag — Monié notes that housing ordinances in Los Angeles, passed since construction on this house began, make it impossible for another home of this scale to be built. According to the article, it’s slated to go on the market soon.

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