Accordion-Style Camper Triples in Size With the Turn of a Key

First you tow it, then you grow it

October 11, 2016 9:00 am

In life, having the ability to grow as a person is an extremely important characteristic to have.  

Having the ability to grow as a trailer, while not quite as vital, also seems to be a favorable trait.

Designed, built and sold in France, the BeauEr 3X is a towable camping trailer that expands from its 43-square-foot base mode into a 129-square-foot dwelling in 20 seconds by turning a key.

The 2,160-pound 3X expands using electrical actuators powered by a 12-volt car battery and is filled with foldable furniture that automatically sets up when the trailer is unfurled to full size.

With enough space for four, the accordion-style abode contains a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom area and a dining area with a folding bench that can be turned into a second bed if need be.

Unfortunately, the $23,600 trailer is only available in Europe at this time, but given the instant joy shrinking it clearly provides (as seen in this video), it could be worth a trip across the pond.

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