A Solution to the Classic 400 Wine Bottles/No Cellar Dilemma

Handcrafted in Oregon. From barn-wood.

By Kunal
February 5, 2016 9:00 am

If you’ve always wanted a wine cellar but don’t have a basement there may be a solution that doesn’t involve a change of address, lots of digging or a switch from Bordeaux to Budweiser.

Oregon-based mechanical engineer Vieng Oudom handcrafts freestanding wine cellars from locally sourced wood, and he just added the compact Sommi Credenza to his company’s portfolio.

The credenza supplements the existing Sommi Wine Cellar collection, a trio of arched wine armoires. The smallest model holds 120 bottles ($7,950), the medium 250 ($9,980) and the big daddy an ambitious 448 ($13,950). All models provide consistent temperature and humidity control care of a top-notch cooling system, and offer custom choices with respect to wood, handles and racking configuration.

Although the Credenza ($7,950) is smaller and can fit into a loft or apartment, it comes with the same top-of-the-line cooling system and can store 70 bottles within its barn-wood interior.

All of the Sommi products Oudom builds are held to a high standard — his own. “Designing my own cellar allowed freedom to create exactly what I wanted,” Oudom says. “It also showed promise to fill a niche market.”

Filling one of his creations won’t get your collection quite up to Milesti Mici status, but it’s a start.

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