Travel | June 1, 2020 11:33 am

Las Vegas Opens on June 4. Here’s What You Need to Know.

To start: social distancing in casinos, no shows and a new emphasis on the outdoors

A tribute to Vegas performer Roy Horn after news of his death
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What happens in Las Vegas … is going to be a lot different from the norm. That’s the consensus reached by CNN as part of an extensive overview of the city’s return from coronavirus lockdown.

“We’re welcoming visitors back, but we’re going to take every precaution possible,” said Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak in an online statement. “We’re encouraging visitors to come and enjoy themselves and have a good time.”

That good time is going to have a lot of asterisks next to it, however. As a new ad campaign for the city notes, this is a “new Vegas for a new reality.”

New requirements in the post-coronavirus Sin City include:

  • Only a “fraction” of the 150,000 available hotel rooms will be ready to open by this week — and those open will be operating with a standardized cleaning protocol
  • Employees at casinos will wear face masks, while patrons will be strongly encouraged to do so (but not required)
  • Thermal imaging cameras will be used at some resorts
  • Pool access will return, but on a reduced schedule and capacity
  • Nightclubs, shows and adult entertainment are closed for now, along with sporting events with fans
  • Social distancing requirements at casinos means no more standing around blackjack tables, limited space at craps tables and every other slot machine will be turned off
  • No buffets, and all restaurants will be on a reservation system
Oddly, and in a way that’s touched upon in the new Vegas ad campaign, the most normal return will involve leaving the city and exploring nearby outdoor areas like Spring Mountain National Recreation Area, Red Rock National Conservation Area and Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

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