Sex & Dating | August 6, 2022 3:47 pm

People Keep Having Sex at This Polish Museum

And no one's entirely sure why

Fort Gerhard
Fort Gerhard is now a museum.
Aniceta, CC BY-SA 3.0

What inspires you to visit a museum? There are many reasons — almost as many as there are types of museums. You might go to a museum to learn more about history, or to see great works of art or to discover more things about how design works. There’s even a museum focused entirely on sex. That said, if you go there, you’re encouraged to learn more about sex and sexuality — not engage in it right on the premises. That’s generally an unspoken rule when you go to a museum: don’t touch the exhibits, and don’t initiate intercourse with one another.

Unfortunately for the people running one museum in Poland, they’ve had to make that unspoken rule a little more spoken. As Hyperallergic reports, the Eastern Fort Museum on Wolin Island — formerly Fort Gerhard — has had to issue a public statement instructing visitors to please, please stop having sex on the museum’s grounds.

According to the message, which was posted on social media, no less than three couples have been recorded on security cameras getting intimate in and around the museum. According to the article, the museum has recommended the beaches nearby as a better place for couples to venture.

It’s unclear why, of all the museums in Poland — to say nothing of Europe as a whole — this one has developed such a reputation. Hopefully it’s not a mystery the museum’s staff will have to consider for much longer.