News & Opinion | May 10, 2019 2:17 pm

Here’s How to Get Paid to Review Luxury Yachts for a Living

The chosen applicant will take home about $65K a year (along with a nice tan)

Want to get paid to hang out on a yacht? Same.
Want to get paid to hang out on a yacht? Same.
Mohamed Masaau/Unsplash

Thinking about making a career change? One luxury shopping site may have just the gig you’ve been looking for.

London-based retailer is looking to hire a new yacht reviewer, Lonely Planet reported. The new employee will spend a week at a time on various yachts, creating a detailed report on each before lists it on-site.

The job requires that candidates are over 21 years old, have a passport and are willing to travel. The successful applicant should also be reliable and hard-working, with strong attention to detail and a knack for cranking out high-quality reviews.

Employees will be self-employed freelancers, and should have the flexibility to drop everything and board a yacht on short notice. The yacht reviewer will reportedly make around $1,300 per yacht. According to the posting, the employee will have the “potential to review up to 50 yachts a year,” meaning the successful applicant could take home an annual salary of around $65,000. Not bad for a year of yacht hopping.

The job doesn’t require applicants to have prior yachting experience, but it’s definitely a plus. The chosen candidate will spend a week on each yacht, where they’ll get acquainted with just about every nook and cranny of the vessel.

“You’ll live, sleep, eat and shower on a yacht for a week, but during that week, we’ll need you to test everything on the yacht,” the job advertisement says. “This means every plug socket, door, bed, shower, tap — everything to make sure that the yacht is up to our standards.”

If you’ve got a thirst for luxury adventure and a taste for the finer things in life, consider filling out an application. is looking to fill the job ASAP. Good luck and bon voyage!

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