News & Opinion | July 2, 2018 9:43 am

Did “Avengers 4” Cinematographer Accidentally Leak Movie’s Real Title?

Member of production team listed, then quickly deleted, "End Game" from his online resume.

Someone checked the resumé page kept by Avengers 4 cinematographer Trent Opaloch and realized that he may have given away the movie’s real title: Avengers: End Game. 

Opaloch is a major part of the production team and acts as the director’s right-hand man.

Omega Underground published this title once it was discovered, and soon after Opaloch reverted the resumé listing back to the Avengers 4 working title—though that did not stop hundreds of screengrabs of Avengers: End Game from circling the Internet.

However, not everyone believes that this is the real title. A writer for says that in May, co-director Joe Russo flatly denied the film’s working title would be based on a line of dialogue in Avengers: Infinity War while speaking with Uproxx. “End game” is a phrase spoken by Doctor Strange before he succumbs to Thanos’ snap after the villain has procured all the Infinity Stones.

Well, we have a year to wait and find out.