Watch “SNL” Cold Open: Trump Plays “Deal or No Deal” to End Gov’t Shutdown

After rejecting offers from Nancy Pelosi to Cardi B, Alec Baldwin's Trump settles for "hamberders."

Screenshot of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," January 19, 2019 (Courtesy: NBC)
Screenshot of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," January 19, 2019 (Courtesy: NBC)

The first Saturday Night Live cold open sketch of 2019 picked up where 2018 left off, skewering Trump. In this latest version, the show portrayed Trump as a contestant on the NBC game show Deal or No Deal, poking fun of Trump’s stubborn refusal to reach a compromise with Democrats to reopen parts of the federal government that were shut in the week before Christmas.

After an offer from Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of $1 billion plus the demand he say “Nancy’s my Mommy,” Alec Baldwin’s Trump stood firm, saying: “No. It’s not $5 billion and I need $5 billion because…that’s the first random number I said. No deal!”

After dismissing numerous other offers, Trump finally asked to see the case of a nearby Clemson football player, who wasn’t actually participating in the game show. The random player was holding a case of takeout food, and upon opening it, Trump abruptly agreed to end the shutdown in exchange for “hamberders,” a joking reference to a typo from one of Trump’s tweets last week, when boasting about the fast food spread he had laid on for the visiting national football champions.

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