Woman Who Says She Was Arrested for Being Too Hot Actually Maybe Killed Someone

Hend Bustami, 28, is now accused of killing her mother in Las Vegas

Aerial photo of the Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas airport is no stranger to arrests, but the case of Hend Bustami is unique to say the least.

Imagine making headlines for trying to argue that you’ve been arrested for being excessively good-looking…and then, two months later, going on to maybe, actually kill someone. More specifically, your own mother.

That is more or less exactly what happened in the case of 28-year-old Hend Bustami, who, on August 31, was apprehended by police at Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport after she was accused of dining and dashing at the Chili’s in Terminal D, according to KLAS. She was eventually found sleeping near a TSA checkpoint where she was “hindering their operations.”

Now here’s where things took a turn. Despite the fact that, under Nevada law, Bustami had just committed a misdemeanor at the Tex-Mex outpost by failing to settle up, she was insistent that she was being arrested for being “so good looking.” (Not a misdemeanor in Nevada.)

Bustami reportedly told authorities that “they [had] never seen anyone as good looking.” Apparently, she was found to have had another outstanding warrant from the Las Vegas Municipal Court, too, though it’s unclear as to what for.

Bustami now stands accused of murdering her mother, which, of course, is far more insidious than dining and dashing, or being too hot. Per a press release cited by Paddle Your Own Kanoo, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called to an address in southwest Las Vegas at 2:34 a.m. on Wednesday morning following reports of an injured person. There, they found an unresponsive female suffering from “multiple lacerations” who was later identified as Bustami’s mother. She was allegedly involved in a verbal argument with her daughter prior to her untimely death.

“California Highway Patrol was able to locate and detain Bustami near Barstow, California. Bustami will be charged with open murder and extradited back to Clark County,” the press release added.

Now, Harry Reid International Airport is no stranger to fuckery — in fact, it seems there are arrests made at the Vegas airport weekly. But accusing the police of detaining you for being too attractive when you’re, on all accounts, a potential murderer is…really something. Apparently the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

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