Tucker Carlson Claims He Can’t Go to Restaurants Without Enduring Protesters

Fox News personality says critics yell curses at him during meals.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson can no longer go out to eat, he said on a National Review podcast, because gets a side of profanity-laced heckling whenever he dines out in Washington, D.C.

“I can’t really go to a lot of restaurants anymore because I get yelled at,” he said according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t feel threatened, but having someone scream, ‘F-ck you!’ at a restaurant, it just wrecks your meal.”

Carlson went on to say that there is only one restaurant he goes to anymore and its because “no one hassles” him.

“I can’t wait for this revolution to end, so I can go back out to dinner,” he said about his left-wing critics.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, he has criticized progressives for harassing Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz out of restaurants in D.C., saying that screaming at someone to the point where they have to leave a vicinity is an “act of wild aggression.”

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