Trump Allies Say the President Isn’t Taking Coming Legal Battles Seriously

Trump is yet to realistically consider the many legal quagmires that could engulf him if the Democrats win the ouse.

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(Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Trump allies are concerned that the president is not adequately prepared for the coming legal battle should Democrats take control of the House in November, according to The Washington Post. The sources in the report claim that many within Trump’s circle do not have faith in his current legal team, and that Trump himself is not taking the threat of Democratic control, and the potential for impeachment hearings, seriously enough.

Despite increased legal scrutiny and potential for future battles, the Office of White House Counsel currently employs 25 attorneys, down 10 attorneys compared to earlier in the administration. The president has discussed the idea of bringing on Abbe Lowell, the defense attorney who currently represents Jared Kushner. Trump has not yet had his legal team work on an action plan for impeachment hearings.

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