There’s a 99% Chance This Documentary About Rats Will Be the Year’s Scariest Movie

Don't sit too close to your screen while watching this

By The Editors
September 20, 2016 9:00 am

With the capacity to grow as large as two pounds, the rats that live in New York City, rattus norvegicus, are about the same size as Chuckie. They’re also way more terrifying.

Realizing this, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock — of Super Size Me fame — decided to make a documentary dubbed Rats that looks like it will essentially play out as a real-life horror movie. The first trailer shares lots of fun facts about rats (their population rates are up, they evolve 10 times faster than we do, they’re becoming immune to poison) alongside some nightmare-worthy images.

Dont’ lose too much sleep, though: by the time Spurlock’s film premieres on the Discovery Channel on October 22nd, we may be well on the way to curbing the rat problem thanks to a massive new breakthrough in rodent control.

Fingers crossed. 

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