Tourist Lost in Amazon Rainforest Says Monkeys Saved His Life

March 23, 2017 1:28 pm
(National Geographic)
(National Geographic)

A 25-year-old Chilean man lost in the Amazon Rainforest for more than a week managed to stay alive courtesy of a band of unlikely saviors— monkeys.

Yes, monkeys.

The primates, bounded through the treetops, dropping fruit and guiding the disoriented tourist to water and shelter each day, he claims, according to National Geographic.

Maykool Coroseo Acuña was visiting Madidi National Park when he became distressed and ran off into the darkness of the jungle, tossing his shoes along the way. His worried family was flown in to help look for him, but only a muddy sock turned up six days into their search with local tour guides and authorities.

When Maykool was finally found, he was weak and dehydrated, and his skin was “ravaged” by insect bites, burrowing botflies, and other injuries. He recounted his story of survival to his family and rangers, noting that he wasn’t ever able to find a river — and he survived for nine days by following the group of monkeys to food and water.

Read more about his incredible story here.

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