The Green Jacket Gets No Respect. One Bagmaker Is Taking a Stand.

The sport world’s most special trophy needs Hudson Sutler

By The Editors
March 25, 2016 9:00 am

There’s something dirty going in the state of Georgia, In Augusta, to be precise.

It involves a certain golf tournament and how, for 67 years, it has been neglecting to follow the simplest of sartorial principles:

The Masters’ iconic green jacket does not comes with a proper suit bag.

That’s why the New York bagmakers and all-around good lads at Hudson Sutler have launched #RespectTheGreenJacket, a campaign aimed at ending the indignity.

We’ve covered the charms of Hudson Sutler’s garment bags here before, which is why we are here today to offer full support.

To provide winners with a garment bag that matches one of the most sought-after trophies in sports, Hudson Sutler has offered to outfit champs with a proper suit carrier “completely free of charge and in perpetuity.”

#RespectTheGreenJacket Join The Movement 1:04

In a letter addressed to “Sirs and Condoleeza,” Hudson pleads its case.

“America is demanding better for its champions,” it decrees. “We’re begging you, please don’t force another Masters champion to leave Augusta with a suit bag that’s more befitting of discarded Pimento Cheese Sandwiches.”

You’ll be able to purchase your own soon.

Till then, do the Masters a favor and sign the petition.

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