A New Site That Lets You Browse the Web … 10 Years Ago

Unsurprisingly, the Internet — and world — were kinda weird

By The Editors
August 2, 2017 9:00 am

Maybe you wake up every morning and wish you could turn back time.

One website has made your wish come true.

Dubbed Ten Years Ago, it tells you exactly what was happening on all your favorite sites (Apple, NY Times, Fox, etc.) … on this day, 10 years ago.

Conclusion? Be careful what you wish for.

Designed by Neal Agarwal, a web designer who’s created cool, unique sites like Image2Emoji (recreating famous images with emoji collages) and Famous Colors (color palettes derived from famous movie/TV posters), TYA shows you exactly what was going on this day ten years prior, utilizing major sources — ESPN, Reddit, Fox News, Apple, the New York Times and even the official White House site.

It’s basically a more focused and curated take on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (it piggybacks off of the same tech).

So, what was going on this week in 2007 that was so great, anyway?

On Reddit, users were trying to get a reunited Spice Girls to play Baghdad.

On CNN, a 7.2 quake struck the Pacific island of Vanuatu, while the Taliban, Pat Tillman and Michael Vick were “hot topics.”

Amazon really wanted you to know they sold engagement rings, and the hot phone was a Motorola Ming (unlocked!).

Meanwhile, President Bush was expressing his sympathy after a bridge collapse in Minnesota (via WhiteHouse.gov), Apple was “saying hello to the iPhone,” Fox News was getting riled up by doped-up riders on the Tour de France … and I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was tops at the box office (IMDB).

That last one proving that things are getting better.

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