All the Tech That Died in 2018

RIP Yahoo Messenger, Facebook M and Klout, which lost any clout this past year.

(Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
(Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

It turned out that 2018 was a dark year for tech, specifically for those who relied on Yahoo Messenger. Service was cut in July on the chat app which outlasted the likes of AOL’s AIM and MSN Messenger.

Facebook M, a “personal assistant” service, stopped functioning in January after less than a year of operation and Klout, a service that once ranked social media users’ influence online, went dark this summer.

Google is also putting some products and services out to pasture: The joke that is Google+ will finally be put out of its misery by summer 2019 and Allo, a Google messaging app will be put on hold until springtime next year.

Steam Link, a console version of Steam’s desktop app, was banished from gamer’s grasps in November and the service provider also announced that they would no longer support the Windows Vista and XP operating systems.

In other Microsoft obituary news, that the Windows 8.1 operating system support will no longer be available should come as no surprise — the tech giant hasn’t provided an update to the software in years. However, security updates will continue to run through 2023.

Tech hardware that also got the chop included the Kaby Lake-X CPU from Intel and a Nvidia-backed GeForce Partner Program got the axe.

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