Survey: Americans Still Willing to Pay Way More for Cable Than Streaming

The average American spends more than $50 a month on cable

What Americans Pay for Streaming
The average American is only willing to pay $21 per month for their streaming services
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A recent poll conducted by the Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult found that, on average, $21 is the amount most Americans are willing to pay for all their streaming services each month. While many households fork out up to $37 per month for three streaming services, the nationwide survey of 2,200 adults concluded that the majority households pay between $17 and $27.

The poll surfaced at an opportune time, with Disney, Apple and NBCUniversal all gearing up to release their own services to compete with extant giants like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. While industry pioneer Netflix averages about $8.99-$12.99 per household, WarnerMedia’s new HBO Max is expected to cost consumers as much as $17 monthly, while Disney’s service (creatively titled Disney+) will run only $7 a month.

“Disney and WarnerMedia have shown they tell good stories,” says analyst Jimmy Schaeffler of the Carmel Group. “Disney+ will do that affordably. Really affordably.”

While Disney may have a leg up as far as affordability goes, the poll found that 26% of those surveyed have heard nothing at all about Disney+. Similarly, 35% have heard nothing about Apple TV+, 40% about HBO MAX and 46% about NBCUniversal’s unnamed service.

Even as 4.56 million households are expected to cut their cable cords this year, consumers remain willing to pay significantly more for cable than streaming. According to the report, 90% of U.S. cable subscribers pay more than $50 per month for access.

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