Nicole Rosenthal

Nicole Rosenthal has written for Observer, amNewYork and LIWeekly. She is currently a senior at NYU studying journalism, psychology and film theory.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev Still In $100 Billion Worth of Debt

The giant behind Budweiser is scrambling to pay off a huge debt.

Caution: These Apple Chargers Can Hack Your Laptop

You could be the proud owner of one for $200 a pop.

Scientists Have Made Vodka From Chernobyl’s Radioactive Grain

When life hands you radioactive grain, make non-radioactive vodka

What Killed the Annual Presidential Salmon Tradition?

Global warming is only part of the problem (an admittedly big part, of course)

King Tut’s Tomb Is Being Restored After It Was Found in “Very Bad Condition”

It’s the first time the tomb is being restored since its discovery in 1922.

Yelp Is Charging Marketing Fees to Restaurants In New Ordering Option

Some restaurant owners are completely unaware of it.

College Textbooks Are Increasingly Being Replaced by Apps and E-Readers

Why read when you can have an AI study assistant that gives you feedback in real time?

Cannabis Stores Already Using Facial Recognition

A.I. is becoming the new security norm across the supply chain.

This A.I. Device Could Be Your Next Wingman

It’s a dating app’s world. We’re just living in it.

A Black Moon is Coming on July 31 – Here’s What It Means

You’ve heard of blue moons, harvest moons and even wolf moons. But what is a black moon?

This State Pays Off Its Credit Card Debt Faster Than Any Other

Some parts of the country are definitely better at tackling their credit card debt than others.

Woodstock 50 Reportedly Free of Charge

Apparently, the festival is asking for donations instead.

$200,000 Illustration Found in Queens Thrift Store

The Ergon Schiele original was the the find of a lifetime