For $99, Your Smartphone Now Doubles as a Laptop

Never carry more than one device again

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

At this point, your phone is a lot smarter than your computer.

But where your phone triumphs in portability and intelligence, it lacks in screen size and a decent keyboard.

Enter the Superbook.

Essentially, the Kickstarter-funded S-book acts as a plug-and-play “shell” for your Android smartphone. It’s an 11.6” HD screen, keyboard and multi-touch trackpad that acts and works just like a solid laptop or Chromebook, all powered by your phone and a USB cord.

And all for $99.

“You could accomplish a lot more with [your phone], but are often held back by its small screen size and limited mobile interface,” explain the Superbook founders, who utilize a proprietary OS called Andromium to make their product feel and act like a laptop.

The shell allows for eight hours of battery life and phone charging capabilities.

The advantages here? You’ll never need more than one computer. Your files are always synced, you can play games on a larger screen and you can utilize a suite of Microsoft Office-like programs. Plus, you’ll be connected online 24/7 — the laptop utilizes your phone’s wifi, data and Bluetooth. And as long as you update your phone regularly, you’ll always have a “new” laptop.

The Superbook is currently compatible with all modern Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy/Note, LG, Nexus, HTC, Sony Xperia, Blu and Huawei.

Funding is already past three-quarters of a million dollars in just a few days, and several stretch goals have been unlocked (including a side mount and additional colors).

Do the smart thing.

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