Stephen Colbert Fires Back at Trump for Stormy Daniels “Horseface” Jab

The "Late Show" host offered a suggestion for how Daniels can pay Trump's legal fees.

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert fired back at Trump after the President treated to "go after" Stormy Daniels. (CBS)

Stephen Colbert was reluctant to give President Trump and his legal team too much credit for their defamation suit win over Stormy Daniels on Tuesday night’s Late Show.

The host explained that Daniels not only lost her case, but has to pay Trump’s legal fees as well — a consequence for which Colbert has a plan.

“Now, OK, that’s tough, but if she’s looking for a way to raise money I’ve got a good idea,” Colbert said. “Launch a GoFundMe campaign titled, ‘For $10 million I will stop describing Trump’s penis.’”

The judge presiding over the case said that Trump’s labeling of Daniels as a “liar” was protected by the First Amendment as commonly used “rhetorical hyperbole.”

But, “It’s only normal because Trump made it normal!” Colbert quipped.

Colbert then went on to demonstrate what he presented as an example of Trump’s abuse of the ruling when the President tweeted a threat to “go after” Daniels, who Trump called a “Horseface.”

“Yes, ‘Horseface,’” Colbert said. “You heard it straight from the horse’s a–.”


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