SNL Cold Open Skewers Trump’s Bizarre “National Emergency” Press Conference

Alec Baldwin returns to role of POTUS in a parody of Friday's rambling White House briefing.

Alec Baldwin reprised his recurring role as President Trump on the cold open of Saturday Night Live to poke fun at the long, rambling, and thoroughly bizarre press conference the latter gave on Friday.

After several, similar scattershot tangents to start the press briefing, Baldwin’s Trump said: “Let’s cut to the chase, folks: We need wall, OK?” He then added, parodying Trump’s staccato bursts of political rhetoric: “Wall works, wall makes safe. You don’t have to be smart to understand that. In fact, it’s even easier to understand if you’re not that smart. So you can all see why I gotta fake this national emergency, right?”

When confronted by a media question that pointed out the fact that immigrants commit crimes at far lower rates than native-born Americans, Baldwin’s Trump pounced, declaring: “Those numbers are faker than this emergency.” He went on to warn that there would be more abuelas and bebes entering the country “unless you give me wall…Now if that doesn’t scare the crap out of all the old white people I don’t know what will.”

At the end, an exasperated Trump hoped that the Mueller Report would finally end his own personal nightmare of being president. Reflecting back on his past two, tumultuous years in the White House, he said: “Had I known then what I know now, I would’ve just asked Putin to give the job to Hillary instead.”

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