‘SNL’ Cold Open Gives Mother’s Day Tribute…of Sorts

'Saturday Night Live' cast enlists their mothers to make some Trump-themed jokes.

Mothers of cast-members appear on 'Saturday Night Live' (NBC)

In honor of Mother’s Day, this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live opted for a cold open that featured cast-members with their mothers. It certainly was a change of pace from last week’s cold opening, which featured porn star Stormy Daniels. For anyone who believed that would mean a week off the usual President Trump-bashing political humor, however, the reprieve lasted less than a minute.

This time, however, the mothers seemed to be a little more divided politically than the notoriously liberal SNL writer’s room.

For example, Luke Nell’s mom begged, “enough with the Trump jokes! Why doesn’t SNL talk about crooked Hillary?”

But Chris Redd’s mom told her son that she doesn’t understand “why everyone focuses on Trump when you should be focusing on Jesus.”

“Well, Jesus isn’t president ma,” answered her son.

“And that’s the problem,” she said in response to the straight line.

See the full sketch below.

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