Jordan Peele “Us” Trailer Viewed By Millions in One Day

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o stars in the upcoming horror movie.

Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele released the trailer for his new horror film "Us" on Christmas Day. (YouTube)

Academy Award winner Jordan Peele gave the world a gift on Christmas Day when he dropped the trailer of Us, his new horror picture. Within 24 hours, reports note, it was viewed 4.7 million times on YouTube and another 6.3 million times on Twitter.

The flick stars Lupita Nyong’o and Elisabeth Moss as well as the hunky Winston Duke. While Peele’s previous megahit film Get Out featured fewer traditional scares and more haunting racial commentary, the upcoming  film will be a bit different.

“Very important for me was to have a Black family at the center of a horror film,” Peele said at a recent trailer screening. “It’s also important to note that this movie, unlike Get Out, is not about race. It is instead about something I feel has become an undeniable truth. That is the simple fact that we are our own worst enemies.”

Forcing audiences to identify both physically and emotionally with a black family is a “huge step forward for the genre,” Esquire reports.

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