See the Executioner’s Ax Used To Execute High-Profile Prisoners

During its last use there were collateral casualties.

executioner's ax
The Tower of London has an 18th century executioner's ax on display. (Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0)

If 18th century weaponry is your thing, a famous executioner’s ax is on display at the Tower of London in England. The display is open daily.

The ax, whose last recorded use was in 1747, was used to execute high-profile, well-to-do prisoners. In England, being beheaded by an ax or sword meant you probably had status or wealth, or both.

The last victim of the ax was Scottish Baron and Jacobite Lord Simon Fraser of Lovat who fought against England in the battle of Culloden. Once Fraser surrendered he was imprisoned and sentenced to death.

During his execution, Fraser laughed as a public platform, where onlookers awaited his decapitation, collapsed, killing nine people.

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