SNL’s Newest Cast Member Is an Impersonation Virtuoso

Where is Owen Wilson and what has she done with him?

The 42nd season of Saturday Night Live kicks off October 1st.

To create some buzz, the show announced the addition of three new cast members on Twitter last night: series writer Mikey Day, Alex Moffatand and Melissa Villaseñor.

Our concern today is the latter.

Villaseñor made her first major bid for the limelight on America’s Got Talent, where her hilarious impressions landed a spot in the finale of Season Six. She was working retail at the time, but has always wanted to pursue a career in comedy. 

The 28-year-old comedian has since lent her voice to Family Guy and Adventure Time, as well as performing frequent stand-up routines in her hometown of Los Angeles. Now she joins the show as SNL’s first ever Latina comedian.

In honor of her accomplishment, and also because we have been laughing at her all morning, we want to share some of our favorite Villaseñor moments from her recurring webseries Daily Itineraries. The series is produced by Más Mejor, an online comedy studio created by SNL vets (and the only other Latin comics on the show) Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen.

We might actually have to start watching the show again.

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