Samsung Partners With the Louvre to Turn Your TV Into a Museum

Art and technology converge in a new way

Samsung Frame TV
A Samsung Frame TV, plus art from The Louvre.

It’s entirely understandable to have a television set as well as works of art in one’s home. Less common, however, is the practice of using one’s television itself as a work of art. There’s one instance where form and function have converged in an unexpected way — specifically, Samsung’s Frame TV, which does double duty as a frame for work of art accessed digitally. If you’ve ever wanted to feature both a Netflix show and a centuries-old painting in your home in the same place and with 4K clarity, your time is now.

Samsung recently announced a partnership with the Louvre to increase the number of works of art available to subscribers. At Robb Report, Bryan Hood has more details on the arrangement, which sees the Louvre joining the likes of the Tate Modern and the Prado as museums making part of their collection available to Frame TV owners.

If you’ve ever wanted the Mona Lisa hanging on your wall, this is one of the better ways to go about it. It’s one of 40 works of art now available to Frame TV owners, along with a number of striking photos of the museum itself.

And for the museum, part of the partnership involves raising the profile of elements of their collection that aren’t necessarily household names. “We also want to promote lesser-known paintings that are important and meaningful in art history,” said Yann Le Touher, Head of Development, Brand Licensing and Commercial Partnerships at the Louvre in an interview. Could this lead to some unexpected art having a resurgence? When art and technology converge, who knows what the result could be.

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