A New Private Jet Tour Circles the Globe, Doesn’t Beat You Up

Five continents. Ten cities. Three weeks. Buckle up.

By The Editors
April 17, 2017 9:00 am

Last week, we learned that overbooked flights — and the forcible passenger removals that sometimes attend them — are inevitable.

This week, we present an exception to that rule.

The Paris-based Safrans du Monde 2017 Private Jet Air Cruise World Tour is A) a mouthful and B) a ridiculously luxe private jet excursion that’ll hit five continents and 10 cities over three weeks.

Safrans has been offering luxury trips since 2003, but their Private Jet escapade is one of the first targeting U.S. travelers who’d like to see the world. And we do mean the world. This is basically your life-long bucket list in 21 days.

Starting November 1 in Las Vegas, you’ll hit up the South Pacific, Asia, Africa and end in Jerusalem during your journeys. Your seat class? Lie-flat beds, open bars, onboard chef. Your stays? Five-star hotels. Lots of spas and fine dining.

And finally, your journeys.

You and a purposely small group of seasoned travelers will visit volcanoes on Hawaii, golf in Fiji, tour the temples of Angkor Wat and safari in Kilimanjaro, with smaller stays in little places like Las Vegas, Paris, Honolulu and Melbourne (aka the world’s most liveable city).

The itinerary is customizable, and there are deals to be had. You can save 2,000 euros per person if you book by April 30th. And if you inquire about the trip by phone or email this month but don’t actually purchase it, the company will still make note of it and give you the savings if you book after that date.

Then, rest up for the 2018 edition, which features stops in Rio, Tahiti, Hanoi and Petra.

Flying doesn’t seem so painful after all.

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