World’s Largest Tiny Home, or World’s Smallest Ski Lodge?

With two lofted bedrooms and a clawfoot tub, count us in

January 4, 2017 9:00 am

When is a tiny house not a tiny house? 

How about when it’s actually a tiny Rocky Mountain ski lodge, and really fairly medium-sized, as far as domiciles go.

True tiny homes are tinyhere’s one that’s 100 square feet. There’s a credible movement behind it: one that agitates for freedom from consumerism, paring down, privileging relationships (and experiences) over posessions and building a space suitable for a minimalist life. There’s even a documentary on Netflix about it. 

And then there’s Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes’ Red Mountain 34′ Tiny House, proving that given the opportunity, Americans will super-size literally anything. How super-sized is it? 

Think two loft bedrooms, “an office nook, a lounge, and a dining area with folding dining table,” “two pull-out pantries and closets,” and a “full-size clawfoot bathtub and shower.” All that and it’s towable, to boot, with around 400 square feet of living space. Given its location (Durango, Colorado), we’d say that qualifies it more as the world’s smallest ski lodge than a veritable tiny home.

See what you think

We think “ungainly” would be a fair descriptor. 

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