Report: Dr Pepper, Whole Foods Bottled Water Has Unsafe Levels of Arsenic

A new Consumer Reports investigation implicates six brands

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The bottled water industry is flourishing. (Getty)
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Are you drinking bottled water for fear of harmful chemicals coming from your tap? You might be putting yourself in greater danger.

A new investigation from Consumer Reports reveals that six readily available bottled water brands, from respected companies like Whole Foods and Keurig Dr Pepper, have unsafe levels of arsenic.

The magazine reviewed public records and test reports, both from the brands themselves and various regulators. While the federal standard of acceptable levels of arsenic is set at 10 parts per billion, Consumer Reports cites research suggesting that bottled water containing arsenic at 3 ppb or above is “potentially dangerous to drink over extended periods of time.”

Arsenic was detected in 11 out of 130 brands reviewed. “Of those, six had levels of 3 ppb or higher,” writes Consumer Reports. “These brands are Starkey (owned by Whole Foods), Peñafiel (owned by Keurig Dr Pepper), Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, Volvic (owned by Danone), and two regional brands, Crystal Creamery and EartH₂O.”

The most egregious is Keurig Dr Pepper’s Peñafiel, which reported “nondetectable amounts of arsenic” in 2018, then reported levels of 17 ppb (above the federal limit) after Consumer Reports questioned their findings.

As of Monday, Keurig Dr Pepper said it has suspended production but has yet to issue a recall. Consumer Reports “believes one should be issued.”

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