It Takes 11 Seconds to Shatter the Mountain Biking Speed Record

Watch this guy drunk on Red Bull go 104 mph on gravel

February 9, 2017 9:00 am

They say the key to overcoming fear is all in your head.

That’s how Marks “Max” Stöckl overcame the speed record for mountain biking — his head being encased in a carbon-fiber, aerodynamic helmet to help him attain a mind-boggling 104 mph.

That’s not to say Max wasn’t a nervous about zooming down the 13,123-foot rock mountain in Chile, which was a 45 degree pitch of loose gravel. Watch above and you can feel his trepidation, and witness his first words when landing: “I want to see my family.”

max downhill biking (4 images)

So yeah, he was scared. But he rips it up in 11 seconds.

“It’s hard to reach top speed,” he explains in the video. “After 160, each km/h is a huge effort. If you want to reach a certain goal then you have to put it all in.”

It wasn’t his first record-breaking ride: he broke the same record in Austria in 1999, and again recently in on the volcanic slopes in western Nicaragua.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to his head, eh?

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