Put This in Your Ear: The Best Songs of October

Or, why Phoebe Bridgers already owns the music landscape

September 29, 2017 9:00 am

Did you know we curate a playlist of great new music? To give you a little context to our picks, here’s a five-point deep dive into the songs you can expect to plug up your Spotify for the next few weeks.

1. October’s theme: We’ve changed!
We used to curate a playlist each month, and then set it aside as the next month rolled in, giving our playlist yet another new, non-sexy name like “Put This In Your Ear (Sept 2017)”. No more! Put This In Your Ear will now be an ongoing conversation, with new songs popping in more regularly and favorite tunes from weeks and months past eventually transitioning into an archive. Basically, you’ll only need to follow this every month to keep up to date.

2. Who the hell is … Cautious Clay
A take on Muhammad Ali’s birth name of Cassius Clay, the NY-based Cautious delivers an alternative take on R&B that’s still soulful but more atmospheric.

3. Curveball pick: Promiseland
Julian Casablancas of The Strokes signed this Aussie musician to his label after a few raucous live shows in New York. If you think that gives you an idea of the music, you’re … completely wrong. Promiseland’s first single (and only recorded song so far), “Take Down the House,” sounds like the Knight Rider theme song chopped up by Trent Reznor (or, for you old-school industrial nerds, let’s say Nitzer Ebb).

4. Best new (NSFW) video: Justice, “Pleasure”
From last year’s Woman album, these French DJs showcase a celestial bedroom encounter that’s sort of an adult take on 2001: A Space Odyssey.

5. The next big thing: Phoebe Bridgers
She released her first single on Ryan Adams’ PAX AM label, landed an iPhone commercial and land big tours with the likes of Conor Oberst and The War on Drugs. All this before her first album, Strangers in the Alps, came out last week. But believe the hype: This L.A. singer-songwriter creates a more honest, melancholy mood than the Lana del Reys of the world. Oh, and her album title is a subtle Big Lebowski reference.

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